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Senate Bill 31

On Friday January 8, at 9:00 in Room 303, the Senate Judiciary Committee will hear SB 31, “Require consideration of less restrictive options in guardianship proceedings.” Click here to read this bill. This bill would amend current law regarding adult guardianships to require courts to make an inquiry into whether other less restrictive measures would work to help support and care for the person instead of a guardianship. Full guardianships constitute a tremendous infringement of the rights of the person under guardianship. This measure would require that other options are considered before a judge determines that a guardianship is necessary.

Please consider testifying in support of the bill. 

Members of the committee to contact:

Chair Keith Regier (R)  - keith.regier@mtleg.gov

Vice Chair Tom McGillvray (R) - tvmcgillvray@gmail.com

Vice Chair Diane Sands (D) - SenatorSands@gmail.com

Bryce Bennett (D) - bennettformontana@gmail.com

Bob Brown (R) - Bob.Brown@mtleg.gov

John Esp (R) - johnesp2001@yahoo.com

Chris Friedel (R) - chris@chrisfriedel.com

Jen Gross (D) - Jen.Gross@mtleg.gov

Steve Hinebauch (R) -  steve.hinebauch@mtleg.gov

Theresa Manzella (R) - theresa.manzella@mtleg.gov

Susan Webber (D) -  nitzitap@3rivers.net


To listen to audio/video streaming of committee hearings, click here.


How to Contact Legislators During the Session 

Online Messaging

Use the online messaging form to message a legislator (click button below). This is one of the quickest and most effective ways of contacting your legislator. 

Phone Call

Regular office hours during the session are 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. weekdays and 8 a.m. to adjournment on Saturdays. Callers may leave messages for legislators or acquire general legislative information by calling the Information Desk at (406) 444-4800. Callers may leave messages for up to 5 individual legislators or 1 legislative committee per call.

Not sure who represents you in the Montana Legislature? Click Here 

Stay Informed

We will be posting an electronic newsletter each Friday during the 2021 legislative session. We will give you information about upcoming budget and general bill hearings, developments for other bills we are following and action alerts when these bills are coming up for votes.  


Protection & Advocacy Service Training

We are more than happy to provide training and workshops to others. We welcome nonprofits, clients, workplaces, and more, to reach out to us if you would like for us to present about our services, and how we can provide assistance. Call 406-449-2344 or email Advocate@DisabilityRightsMT.org.


"Advocating for justice is our individual and collective responsibility."

Executive Director,
Disability Rights Montana
Bernie Franks-Ongoy



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