Week 14 Legislative Update:

April 6th - 9th

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Last week, the Senate Finance and Claims Committee heard and acted upon HB 2. Significant motions in the Part B section included one to add 100 waiver slots to the 0208 developmental disability waiver, a move to add an additional 1% Medicaid provider rate increase, and a “sweeper” motion to put all of the funds that we will receive from an enhanced matching rate for Medicaid expenditures from the federal government into a fund and appropriate all of that fund to the Department without identifying which division it is to spend the funds. The first of these regarding waiver slots did not pass, while the other two did pass. HB 2 will be on the Senate floor this week.

Meanwhile, the House passed HB 632, which is the primary bill to appropriate $2.7 billion which is coming to the state by virtue of the American Recovery Act. Given how many funds have come to Montana and the still unanswered questions about the way in which the funds must be used, the bill creates commissions to allocate funds once federal guidance is clear.  One of these commissions will make determinations regarding the funds allocated to MT DPHHS. The bill has passed to the Senate. 

Other Developments: This week, we will pass the transmittal deadline for bills with appropriations within them, so committees are taking final action on some bills and either sending them to the floor or tabling them.  The deadline for transmittal is April 8, so the House and Senate will spend the majority of their days in floor sessions on April 6, 7, and 8. 

Click here for the full schedule. Be sure to check it often as we have seen the schedule change with little notice.


How to Contact Legislators During the Session

Online Messaging

Use the online messaging form to message a legislator (click button below). This is one of the quickest and most effective ways of contacting your legislator. 

Phone Call

Regular office hours during the session are 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. weekdays and 8 a.m. to adjournment on Saturdays. Callers may leave messages for legislators or acquire general legislative information by calling the Information Desk at (406) 444-4800. Callers may leave messages for up to 5 individual legislators or 1 legislative committee per call.

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Stay Informed

We will be posting an electronic newsletter each Friday during the 2021 legislative session. We will give you information about upcoming budget and general bill hearings, developments for other bills we are following and action alerts when these bills are coming up for votes.  


If you have accessibility needs and would like to receive the newsletter in another format, please contact Disability Rights Montana at advocate@disabilityrightsmt.org or call 800-245-4743.


Do You Have the Assistive Technology You Need to Participate in the 2021 Legislative Session?

Do you have what you need to share your story or voice support of bills that impact the lives of Montanans with disabilities? Borrow equipment from MonTECH for 30-60 days so you'll be prepared to write, call, or testify.

MonTECH houses a wide range of equipment to help you get connected. Borrow iPads, adapted keyboards, hands-free mice, laptops, wearable speakers, headphones, webcams, voice amplifiers, or devices that allow hands-free video calls with motion tracking. Spotty or nonexistent internet? If you’re in range of a cellular tower, borrow a Jetpack Mobile Hotspot and connect up to 15 devices! MonTECH provides free shipping and return shipping anywhere in Montana, and serves any Montanan who has a disability (including learning disabilities). The program is easy to use and does not require medical verification of a disability to borrow this type of equipment. Call or write if you have questions or need help accessing our program: montech@mso.umt.edu, 1-877-243-5511. We look forward to helping ensure you are heard during the 2021 legislative session!


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We are more than happy to provide training and workshops to others. We welcome nonprofits, clients, workplaces, and more, to reach out to us if you would like for us to present about our services, and how we can provide assistance. Call 406-449-2344 or email Advocate@DisabilityRightsMT.org.


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