Bill Status at End of 2021 Legislative Session

Photo of Montana Capitol building.

Bills Signed into Law by Governor:

HB 37 - Clarify requirements for the Medicaid medically needy program

HB 38 - Establish legislative intent for home and community-based services waivers

SB 33 - Require 30-day notice before termination of participation in HCBS waiver program

SB 43 - Require administrative rulemaking for substantive changes to HCBS programs         

HB 211 - Provide compensation and assistance for secondary victims

HB 598 - Generally revise disability parking laws

HB 155 - Revise laws related to reimbursement for certain Medicaid services

HB 176 - Close late voter registration on noon the day before the election

SB 15 -  Revise election laws related to accessibility for disabled electors

HB 574 - Revise laws related to reporting on out-of-state placement of certain children

HB 275 - Establish uses of medicaid waiver funds

HB 341 - Require that medicaid appropriations be used only for medicaid expenditures

SB 159 - Personal Income Tax Relief Act

Passed by Legislature and Transmitted to Governor:


HB 57 - Revise requirements related to CPS placements in congregate care

HB 282 - Revise labor laws relating to the employment of minors

HB 283 - Revise workers' compensation laws relating to student interns

HB 462 - Revise driver license laws for foster children

Criminal Justice

SB 220 - Revise assault on a peace officer laws

SB 344 - Allow for adult inmates at Pine Hills Youth Correctional Facility

HB 92 - Establish compensation program for wrongfully convicted individuals

HB 244 - Revise death penalty laws related to lethal injection

SB 220 - Revise assault on a peace officer laws

Child and Family Services Division/Ombudsman

HB 39 - Provide for continued interim review of child protective services matters

HB 398 - Allow legislators to review child and family ombudsman records

HB 426 - Revise laws regarding interactions between DPHHS and child and family ombudsman

HB 459 - Provide for certification of CPS workers with direct contact with children

HB 625 - Revise laws relating to the child and family ombudsman

HB 57 - Revise requirements related to CPS placements in congregate care


SB 18 - Establish graduation requirements for educationally-disrupted youth

SB 109 - Revise laws related to gifted and talented education

HB 46 - Revise special education funding

HB 233 - Revise funding for students with disabilities


HB 2 - General Appropriations Act  

HB 632 - Implement receipt of and appropriate federal stimulus and COVID recovery funds

HB 497 - Establish interim budget committees


HB 291 - Requiring coverage of amplification devices, services for kids with hearing loss

HB 328 - Provide guidelines for assessing language development in deaf children

HB 598 - Generally revise disability parking laws

HB 112 - Require interscholastic athletes to participate under sex assigned at birth

Psychiatric Services

HB 276 -Put peer support specialists on the board of behavioral health

HB 295 - Allow licensed clinical social workers and therapists to treat chronic pain

HB 701 - Generally revise marijuana laws

HB 686 - Implement provisions of HB2, Section B - HHS

HB 276 - Put peer support specialists on the board of behavioral health

Developmental Disabilities Services

HB 691 - Community crisis for people who have developmental disabilities


HB 480 - Revise order of protection laws regarding incapacitated persons


SB 278 - Generally revise civil liability law 

Study bills

HJ 4 - Study criminal proceedings and commitment of people with mental illness

HJ 35 - Interim study of the children's mental health system

HJ 39 - Interim study of involuntary commitment of people with Alzheimer's or dementia

SJ 26 - Interim study of the women's prison

HJ 44 - Interim study of the foster care system

HJ 31 - Interim study of criminal-justice system data in Montana

SJ 14 - Interim study of the Montana mental health system

Bills Probably Dead:

Medicaid Services

SB 186 - Revising definition of services related to public procurement contracts

SB 100 - Provide for the welfare fraud prevention act


HB 427 - Provide for youth health protection

SB 111 - Revising laws re conditional hunting permits for disabled persons


HB 16 - Allow 3- and 4-year-olds with disabilities in ANB calculations

HB 329 - Establish the Students with Special Needs Equal Opportunity Act


HB 447 - Generally revising laws related to legislative oversight of administrative rules

HB 457 - Delay implementation of recreational marijuana laws

SB 182 - Generally revise laws on state finance, reducing tax rate if conditions met

SB 181 - Corporate Tax Modernization Act

SB 323 - Generally revise Montana Administrative Procedure Act

Developmental Disabilities Services

HB 687 - Create mortality review commission for people with developmental disabilities



HB 113 - Provide for youth health protection

HB 216 - Allow Medicaid reimbursement for license outdoor behavioral programs

SB 282 - Assert right of parent to direct child healthcare

SB 16 - Allow minors to consent to emergency shelter and services

HB 369 - Support school-based prevention programs


HB 406 - Revise absentee and mail ballot laws

HB 613 - Generally revise laws related to tribal voting

HB 643 - Allowing a disabled voter to electronically return a ballot

HB 455 - Generally revise election laws related to absentee ballots                   

Criminal Justice

HB 335 - Repeal death penalty

HB 377 - Revise criminal penalties for certain threats of violence

HB 565 - Generally revise assault laws

HB 603 - Provide for Montana Innocence Inquiry Commission

SB 361 - Generally revise laws to establish certificate of rehabilitation

HB 244 - Revise death penalty laws related to lethal injection

SB 353 - Require probation /parole officers to inform re: restoration of rights


SB 32 - Revise monitoring requirements for guardians of adults


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